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Clinical Hypnotherapist & HypnoBirthing Childbirth Educator based on the border of Cornwall and Devon - Saltash, Plymouth, Tavistock and surrounding areas.

Why Hypnobirthing with Laura Yates?

I discovered HypnoBirthing when pregnant with my first baby 11 years ago and since then have had two wonderfully positive but very different births.
I know first hand how overwhelming it can all seem at first and how you just want to be as in control as possible. Hypnobirthing allowed me to stay calm and relaxed during every eventuality and gave me the skills to make informed choices and have the best birth for me and my baby.
I gained my HypnoBirthing Practitioner and Childbirth Educator qualification with HypnoBirthing International (the Mongan Method) and as an experienced hypnotherapist I am able to ensure that you get the maximum benefits from hypnosis and also tailor the course to suit each individual.

What’s Included in a Hypnobirthing Course?

A Hilltop Hypnobirthing course is a full birth preparation. The 5 week course is split up as follows:

Session One

In this session we’ll transform your thoughts about birth and looking at how Hypnobirthing can help you to have a calm, positive experience. We’ll delve into how the mind affects birth, how we can influence it and let go of unconscious beliefs and fears before demonstrating how our mind can influence our bodies (get ready to be surprised!) This session is full of information and I’ve been told can be life changing when many realise that birth doesn’t have to be scary (no matter how you do it).

Session Two

We’ll be looking at bonding with your baby while you’re pregnant, preparing your mind and body alongside learning rapid and instant relaxation techniques to bring you into self-hypnosis (I often throw in a couple from my hypnotherapy experience too). Birth partners will be learning how to support you and we’ll be practising massage techniques as well as supporting you to access hypnosis and beginning to look at your birth preferences.

Session Three

Looking at labour and birth in more detail, you’ll learn deeper relaxation techniques to bring you into an even deeper state of hypnosis, your birth preferences in more detail, how to manage in special circumstances and the questions you can ask, natural means to induce labour and what happens if induction is needed. We finish this session with a powerful fear release so that you can delve deep, let go and move forward free of any deep down fears.

Session Four

Going deeper into the physiology of birth and the birth partner role, how to cope with all eventualities in labour and options/considerations before accepting inducement or augmentation. Your birth partner will be fully prepped to advocate on your behalf as needed and we’ll go over breathing techniques and end with a deep relaxation.

Session Five

This session will focus deeply on the birth process, birth positions to help you birth baby easily and gently and ideas for if this isn’t possible. You’ll go over tools and techniques with your birth partner and ensure you’re fully prepped and ready to go on the day. We’ll also spend time planning for the 4th trimester when baby is here – how to ensure your wellbeing is taken care of, feeding baby and how to ensure a smooth start for all.

At each session you’ll be shown hypnobirthing videos from all types of birth – natural, induction, homebirth, hospital birth.

Sessions are interactive and varied and alongside the course you’ll receive a workbook, all MP3s (pregnancy and birth relaxation, fear release, natural induction as well as all deepening techniques we practice) and a goody bag full of treats for your hospital bag and yourself. You’ll also get access to a special area on my website with videos, links, book suggestions and everything else you could possibly need!

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