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Bodmin Library Board Games Gang


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The library is a great place to get children excited about books and interested in reading!

Come and enjoy a selection of board games, including Chess, Battleships, Jenga, Scrabble, Connect4, City of Zombies and Pop & Hop every Thursday. 

Playing board games increases brain function. It teaches how to set goals and be patient and enhances creativity and self-confidence plus it’s fun!

Bodmin Library always has crafts, Lego, Duplo, brio train set and board games for children. We also have adult board games and jigsaw puzzles to play in the library.

Library membership is free to everyone in Cornwall and children's membership is also available. Children can get their own library card which is linked to and adult's account.

The libraries provide access to a wide range of books for leisure and learning, plus: DVDs, online newspapers, eBooks, eAudiobooks, online magazines, music scores, plays and local information.


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