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Coffeepots is open from 10am - 12pm every Tuesday during term time.

It is held in the Parish Hall, Week St. Mary.

New to the area?
Just had a baby?
Toddler reached those terrible 2's and driving you crazy?
Want a coffee with like minded mums?
Come and join us for a couple of hours of relief and fun. 

All welcome, grandparents, carers, dads, mums, older siblings. 

Tea and Coffee provided. Crafts/Activities to participate in. Young Baby play area provided.

Please bring a snack for your child we are not able to provide sharing snack at present but hope we will be able to resume this again in future.

First session is Free.

Due to current guidelines there will be a limit of 15 adults (children under 5 don't count towards numbers) so please get in touch to confirm spaces.

0-6 months by donation
6 months -1 year £1
1 year and over £2 (additional siblings £1)

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