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Kilminorth Wood is a nature reserve that runs along the West Looe River valley and is classified as ancient woodland.

It has been described as 'the Lungs of Looe' or the 'UK's equivalent of the rainforest'.

The wood is mostly oak trees, but there are also sycamore, rowan, holly and other varieties. The woods are a haven for wildlife and if you are quiet you might spot deer, foxes and badgers as well as a wide range of birds and insects.

The woods are fairly close to the town of Looe where there are car parks, shops and toilets, but away from the hustle and bustle, making it a lovely place to go for a walk. 

You can spot a variety of water birds down in the river or on its banks.

The Friends of Kilminorth Wood have created a self guided trail which you can follow.

Some paths are quiet steep, but if you enter from the Millpool end the entrance is level and suitable for pushchairs and wheelchairs. The paths are un-made and can be slippery and muddy, so walking boots or wellies are advised.

Car parking is available at Millpool car park in Looe.

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