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Groups & Classes

There's more to see when using a sling - We can help at Moor to Sea Slings.

Sling Meets

Moor to sea sling meets are held in Devon and Cornwall. These are relaxed social groups you can come for quick advice, hires and a friendly face.

We have slings, baby carriers, buckle carriers and wraps!

Where to find us

Bude Sling Library
Bude Sling Meet
1st Wednesday of the month 10-12
Bude Family Hub

Tavistock Sling Library
Tavistock Sling Meet
2nd Monday of the month 1:30-3 Meadowlands Leisure Centre

Bideford Sling Library
Bideford Sling Meet
2nd Tuesday of the Month 10-12
Make Waves Swim School

Barnstaple Sling Library
Barnstaple Sling Meet
3rd Wednesday of the month 10-12
the Devon Antenatal Centre

Barnstaple Workshop and Consultation Day
1st Saturday of the month 10-4
The Devon Antenatal Centre

North Tawton Sling Library
North Tawton Sling Meet
3rd Tuesday of the month 1-3
Merry Go Round

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